Mr. Rudolph

Ebenezer Pre-School's Musikgarten Music Program, God's Children Sing, is an experience-based curriculum for children up to 5 years of age.

It includes methods and materials which promote the child's musical development within the context of nurturing the family's life of faith. Classes meet for 30 minutes every week, while pre-school is in session.

The curriculum for our 2 and 3-year-old classes has two semesters:

The first half is God, My Family, and Me. The second half is God's Wonderful World.

Each unit of lessons follows the development of the main topic mentioned in the title. God, My Family and Me moves from the child's self-awareness, as a child of God, toward family, pets, grandparents, friends and the church family. In January, we begin our 2nd semester, God's Wonderful World. The focus will be on God's creation:  birds, oceans, night/day, animals, and weather, along with the concepts of working together and growing up.

The curriculum for our 4-year-old classes has two semesters:

The first half is Friends in God's World. These lessons are focus around a scripture reading and a related story. These experiences include stories from the Hebrew Scriptures, such as The Creation and Noah's Ark. Our 2nd semester with Friends of Jesus focuses on stories about Jesus from the Gospels and one story about St. Francis of Assisi.